New Gunmetal Finish Handles to match my Gunmetal Tapware

POV - You’ve purchased your gunmetal finish tapware, (which looks amazing), you now need to select cabinet handles for the cabinetry. However you cannot seem to find matching gunmetal cabinet handles.

Does that sound like your current renovation or house building problem?

You’ve come to the right place...

Now available in Brushed Gunmetal Finish to match your sink mixer & GUNMETAL tapware are the Ferrara Lip Pull Handles

A stunning metal grey finish, paired with the simple yet stunning Ferrara Lip Pull Handles will be the finishing touch to your kitchen or laundry cabinetry. The Ferrara Lip Pull Handle is a contemporary style handle which boarders on the minimalistic side, almost like not having a handle yet you have the functionality of a handle. Furthermore, these gunmetal lip pull handles won’t steal the thunder from the beautiful gunmetal tapware you have selected, neither do they clash rather they perfectly compliment your tapware.

Available in 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm sizes to use through out your cabinetry & cupboard doors.

NEW ADDITION - Gunmetal Finish

Now available in the gunmetal finish is the stunning Livorno D Handle range and matching Arlo Knob.


Not the style of cabinet handle you were looking for in gunmetal finish?

Leave us a message via our contact page for what you would like to see in gunmetal finish.

In the spectrum of cabinet handle finishes or colours, Gunmetal is somewhere between a dull brushed nickel or stainless steel finish and a black. If the Ferrara Gunmetal Lip Pull Handles are not to taste or the look you are going for in your new kitchen, laundry or bathroom we recommend you have a browse through either the range of black cabinet handles or the Dull Brushed Nickel range of cabinet handles. Either of these finishes will tie in with your tapware.

Black Cabinet Handle
Stainless Steel Cabinet Handles
Dull Brushed Nickel Cabinet Handles


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