Don't go COVID Crazy cleaning your cabinetry handles with cleaning chemicals as it may cause irreparable damage. 

Touch Handles were designed to stand the test of time, please follow our simple care instructions to ensure they continue to be that finishing touch to your cabinetry in the years to come.


Simply clean using a damp microfibre cloth. 
For stains & spills use a soft cloth & a warm soapy water solution (small amount of neutral soap). For specialised finishes such as Concrete, Leather and Living finishes see below light bulb.




Do not use harsh chemicals.
Chemicals will not only soften and wear the handle finish off overtime but void your warranty. A very diluted mixture of PH neutral detergent and warm water is sufficient for cleaning handles.




Can I use products such as Windex & Ajax Spray, Spray & Wipe products that I use from my drawer fronts?
There are varying versions of these products and you will need to check the MSDS (Material Safety and Data Sheet) to determine the acidic content. Always test a small area of the underside handle first.




Specialised Finishes

Download Maintenance Guide for Leather Handles

Download Maintenance Guide for Concrete Handles