You've got time on your hands & your Kitchen/ Cabinetry needs a refresh?

Does your cabinetry feel a little tired, but right now you are not sure about committing to a Kitchen renovation or an overhaul of new furniture? You've got time on your hands, you've spent a lot of time at home and right now your space just needs refreshing. Perhaps you're looking to sell and you know how important a kitchen is to making that deal.

We've got you covered. 

New handles can completely refresh & enhance the look of your space. However, finding the correct sized handle to fill in the holes made by your current handles can prove tedious... until now.

Simply type into the search bar the hole centre in mm (C or HC)* and your wide range of options will appear. Ensure you click 'View All' to ensure you are viewing your full range of options. Typically handles are in, what is known in the cabinetmaking industry as 'System 32' sizes. In short it means that handle hole sizes will be in increments of 32mm. So if you are wondering why there's no handles are appearing to fill your 95mm handle hole centres, it's because it will be a 96mm hole centre.

To further confirm sizing of your selection download the 'Specification Card' on the product page for all sizing details on the handles.

Sizing Denotations

  • OA - Overall size of the handle
  • *C or HC - Hole Centres (This is what you'll be measuring & searching for to replace your handles)
  • P - Projection - This is how far the handle will project/ stick out from the cabinet front.
  • W - Width of the handle 
  • Ø - Diametre of a knob

Any questions feel free to reach out via live chat. We'll be happy to help.

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