Timber Full Round Handles


Adding timber to a space is a great way to add a touch of warmth or homeliness to a space. These stunning Timber Full Round Handles can add this to your cabinetry. Particular in a space with a lot of hard surfaces or white, Timber handles can make all the difference.
  • Made in Australia
  • Handcrafted from the finiest Material: Raw Victorian Ash (VICASH), BlackButt (BB), Burnt Ash (BTASH), American Oak (AMOAK)
  • Vertical Grain
  • Hand-made, surface-mounted turned timber handles
  • Suitable for hinged or sliding doors, and drawers
  • Fixing: Supplied with Insert Nuts Pre-Inserted & lose Demon Bolts for fixing
  • Timber Handles are Supplied Raw - Ready for sealing, painting or staining
  • Can be used as Timber Hooks 
  • Full Round Timber Handles can be paired with the Leo Handcrafted Cabinet Knobs
  • Finish: Raw Victorian Ash (VICASH), NEW BlackButt (BB), NEW Burnt Ash (BTASH), NEW American Oak (AMOAK), Spotted Gum (SPGUM)
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      Color: Burnt Ash

      13 pieces in stock

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