Having trouble deciding on your Kitchen Handles?

Your guide to choosing Kitchen handles

Kitchen handles create the finishing touch on your home cabinetry – much like icing on a cake!

While often one of the last considerations in the design process, handle selection is just as important as the project’s main features.

Your choice of handles is an exciting step in finalising the style of your dream kitchen or other cabinetry project and how it connects to the surrounding space. So, enjoy the process!

Here are five things to help your decision-making.

1.  Select style

Like accessorising your favourite outfit, kitchen handles should tie together the overall look you are trying to achieve. Before starting your handle selection, remind yourself what design theme you set out to create. Let’s look at the three broad categories  ̶  traditional, contemporary or transitional (somewhere in between).


Decorative, old-style hardware completes the timeless elegance of a traditional themed kitchen or bathroom. Profiled doors feature in traditional kitchens and are complemented with detailed handles. You can team kitchen handles reminiscent of a bygone era with matching cup pulls and knobs. Handle ranges with antique-style swivel bails are also a nod to the nostalgic design-style of yesteryear.

Many traditional handle ranges also harmonise with the sophisticated elegance of Hamptons-style kitchens.

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Think sleek and simple for modern design. Flat and high-gloss cabinetry are complemented by slim, rectangular D-handles for clean lines. Sleek bow handles achieve a softer take on a minimalistic look.

You can create uninterrupted lines in your kitchen using handles which are similar in style, size and finish to your appliance handles.

Lip pulls also enhance a streamlined finish. Rectangular lip pulls provide minimalistic sophistication. Curved lip pulls make a bold statement when adjacent pairs are used on double doors, giving the illusion of a round handle.

You can view our range of contemporary handles here https://www.touchhandles.com.au/collections/contemporary


You can blend elements which are traditional and contemporary when creating a transitional look. Shaker-style doors (doors with a recessed panel, painted in satin or gloss) pair with traditional and contemporary style handles.

Or add an element of intrigue to flat doors with the organic warmth of luxe leather handles. Depending on the colour and finish of your doors, leather handles give you the versatility to swing the overall design style from modern vintage to glamourous contemporary with an intriguing twist.

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2.  Select your finish

Choose your handle style first – this will narrow down the array of finishes available in your preferred design range. Selecting style then finish is the most efficient, least confusing sequence to create your initial shortlist. Once you have settled on a style(s) that appeals to you, then you can consider how each of the corresponding finishes will match or clash with tapware, appliances and the surrounding living space. 

New to the Touch Handles Contemporary Collection are leather pulls, hand-made in Germany. These luxe handles are made from high-grade Italian leather (in a variety of colours) which enclose decorative rods (available in varying lengths in aluminium, brass or copper). 

3.      Size matters

You will open and close your cabinetry doors and drawers countless times for years to come, so it is important you choose handles that are comfortable and easy to use. For example, someone with large hands or arthritis will need handles with a spacious profile for a user-friendly grip. You should also like the profile of the handle in your hand. Do you prefer the feel of an angled profile, a soft curve, flat or textured finish?

The weight and width of your drawers and doors, as well as the look you are trying to achieve will also determine the size of handles you should choose.

From a visual perspective, traditional or transitional-style kitchens often have handles about one-third the width of the door/drawer; meanwhile, longer handles of at least two-thirds the width of the drawer/door are suited to contemporary kitchens.

Read more on sizing selection of your kitchen handles here

4.      Colour co-ordination

Choose handle colours and finishes which will contrast with your cabinetry. You want your handles to complement the cabinetry – not disappear from view!

5.      Ask the professionals

Your cabinet-maker will provide professional advice on what sizes and best positioning of handles (for style and function) in your space. They will guide you on what size handle is needed for large pantry doors or pot drawers, and if your handles will be user friendly in the space available. After all, you don’t want your handles hitting each other or damaging adjacent surfaces. Ask us where you can view 

Enjoy the journey!

Whether your cabinetry project is traditional, contemporary or transitional, Touch Handles guarantees the finishing touch in look, feel and function.

Our huge range of quality handles ensures you will find something to suit your design style, personal needs and budget.

Be inspired and learn more about the stunning Touch Handles collections at https://www.touchhandles.com.au/


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