Popular Styles for Modern Kitchen Cabinet Handles in Australia

Are you building a new home or renovating your tired kitchen? Do you merely want a quick, easy way to change the feel of your kitchen? As the vendors of Australia’s most extensive range of cabinet knobs and pulls, Touch Handles gladly offers helpful advice. Read on if you’re a private homeowner, interior designer, architect, contractor, or cabinet maker who could do with practical and inspirational ideas or wants to discover the latest trends in modern kitchen cabinet handles. 

Even though it may seem like a small detail, those convenient cabinet handles impact the overall style of a space, be it a bathroom, bedroom, study, or kitchen. Do you want a simple, classic, eye-catching, or vogueish vibe? There are countless well-designed options in materials, finishes, shapes, and sizes. These include lip pull and multiple other handles made of timber, brass, leather, brushed brass, and matt black or white nickel, to name a few. The possibilities are endless, whether you’re on a tight budget, inclined to go all-out or want to stick to the middle ground regarding price. 

Which Styles are All the Rage in Australia? 

Gone are the days of only metal and glass kitchen handles. Besides creative and daring colours, surfaces, and textures such as warm, rustic leather, Terrazzo and natural marble, unique shapes such as the flow bow handle are currently in fashion. 

  • Wave and full-round timber handles grab the attention because of their luxurious feel and the natural atmosphere they create. Our lip pull handles in aluminium, brushed brass, or black may be just what you hoped to find. The lip pull is u-shaped, with one side longer than the other. You attach the longer side to the drawer or door and use the short side to push and pull it open or closed.
  • Large, bold brass knobs and long-rail, low-profile brushed brass handles or pulls - with a sleek, minimalist feel and diverse finishes - match the oversized cabinet doors that have become so popular. You can fit the handles vertically or horizontally and pair them with smaller bars or knobs with the same finish.
  • You may fancy the edgy, unfinished, and rough industrial look offered by the black handles in our pipe collection or go for the more ornate, vintage, traditional hardware containing detail, texture, and possibly even mixed materials still in style.
  • Timber half-moon handles make a bold statement, as do our semi-circle white handles. This design shape is functional, distinctive, and looks bold and beautiful in all kinds of kitchens.
  • Classic handles incorporating pewter and round, smooth white porcelain, for instance, will keep your kitchen looking refined and timeless for years to come. Brushed or polished brass or nickel is a durable, elegant choice.

Do you want to introduce definition and style into your kitchen? If so, you can download our online brochure and discover the sought-after traditional and contemporary handles we have in stock. We will despatch your order on the day you order and ship it express at no cost to you.

Feel free to contact us for a live chat with an in-store team member or leave a message so we can get back to you if you have questions.

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